The Master's Programme in Sustainable Energy Planning & Management


The global demand for sustainable energy, combined heat and power, and higher energy efficiency is growing rapidly. Utilities, local communities, and governmental authorities all over the world face new challenges in planning and implementing these technologies on local, national and international scales.

As a Sustainable Energy Planning and Management student at Aalborg University you learn to understand these issues. The broad knowledge you build within engineering, economics, and management prepares you for a leading role on the future energy market. Our aim is to give you a comprehensive understanding of the technological, institutional, and economic issues and methods related to energy planning and sustainable development. You acquire not only theoretical and methodological knowledge but also the practical ability to apply your knowledge to particular cases.

Sustainable Energy Planning and Management is an educational programme devised by a research unit called the Sustainable Energy Planning Group. The group resides at the Section of Technology, Environment and Society at the Department of Development and Planning at Aalborg University. The programme is hosted by the Faculty of Engineering and Science and is carried out in English.

Problem-based learning
Sustainable Energy Planning and Management offers you a combination of relevant academic courses and problem-based semester projects. As a student at Aalborg University, your work is divided equally between project work and lectures and seminars on particular subjects. Project groups of 3 to 6 students are formed each semester and are assigned a scientific supervisor. In consultation with your supervisor, you decide the subject and content of your projects. A typical project is done as a case study in co-operation with a Danish company, e.g. a local CHP plant. Project work is supported by a selection of specific courses and thematic seminars at the department or other related degree programmes. At the end of the project period, you submit a written project report and take the oral project examination.

How to study Sustainable Energy Planning and Management at Aalborg University
To enrol on the programme you are required to have a Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Science. In order to attend the programme, you have three possibilities:

  • A one-semester guest study with focus on the corporate and/or the regional perspective
  • A two-semester guest study including national and global energy
  • The full two-year Master’s programme in Sustainable Energy Planning and Management

During the first semester, all students concentrate on courses and projects related to energy planning from a company's perspective. For students who choose to do a second semester, projects focus on energy planning from an institutional and societal perspective. If you complete the full Master's programme, the studies continue with a traineeship on the 3rd semester and a Master's thesis on the 4th semester.

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